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Ability Access Legal is here to fight for equal access for disabled people

Through your generous donations and fundraising, we support people facing discrimination at work and in society due to access.


Many of our projects and cases centre around workplace discrimination, disciplinary hearings, and supporting people facing court because of disability -related issues.

We also support people facing access problems in other areas of society like entertainment venues, parking and public buildings.

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How We Help

Our trustees and volunteers are dedicated to creating immediate and lasting change in society.

Disability discrimination at work affects us all from the blind and deaf communities to wheelchair users, pregnant women, and those with chronic conditions and old age. Our work with donors and partners aims to achieve a more just and egalitarian society for all.

Get in touch to join our cause or find out how we could help you.


Contact Ability Access Legal if you are facing discrimination due to a permanent or temporary disability. We will listen and do our best to support you.

We would also love to hear from you if you want to support us as a volunteer, donor or patron.

Thank you. We got your message.

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