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  • If I make a donation, can I decide what my money is used for?"
    Our work is targeted carefully to do the most good possible with the funding available. Project and expenditure decisions are led by the policies created by the Trustees. Unfortunately, this means individuals are not able to dictate the specific use of funds they donate to Ability Access Legal.
  • How is Ability Access Legal different from other UK disability charities?
    We were created to fill the vacuum left by the erosion of legal aid in the United Kingdom. We support individuals and groups where they have been affected by disability discrimination at work or in wider society. We offer tangible support and legal advice.
  • How many people do you impact with your charitable work?
    Ability Access Legal is a newly formed charity established in 2021. We are ambitious and hope to reach a wide audience but we cannot commit to details on impact until more data becomes available. As our work is with individuals, we expect numbers to build slowly but our impact to be significant for each case we take on.
  • How can I access help from Ability Access Legal?
    Your first step is to complete a contact form. The form at the bottom of What We Do is for people wanting support. Next we will contact you, discuss your situation and give an initial assessment. Due to the nature of charity funding and the availability of volunteers, we cannot guarantee to provide the help requested or give timescales. As we grow and build up data, we hope to have more answers in the future.
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